Brussel Conference on Transport White Paper 24 May 2016: “European Transport Policy by 2050 – Tackling challenges and Regional Approaches”

In 2011 the European Commission presented within the Transport White Paper an ambitious roadmap for the future of transport until 2050. The European transport policy is targeting the creation of a single European transport area with more competition and a fully integrated transport network, which connects the various modes of transport and enables fundamental changes in passenger and freight transport patterns. Objectives by 2050 are, inter alia, the reduction of transport emissions, the increasing shift of passenger and freight traffic to rail and the intensified use of renewable energy sources in transport. In Spring 2015 the European Commission opened a consultation on the mid-term review of the Transport White Paper in order to take stock of its implementation status and progress as well as input on the possible revision and adaptation of the transport policy. Birgit Simon, First deputy Director of Regionalverband FrankfurtRheinMain, has a clear vision regarding transport 2050 in FrankfurtRheinMain. According to her, “cycle Highways, noise-free rail traffic, autonomous road traffic and relaxed pedestrians“ will hence dominate the transport and traffic scenery.

Invited by the European Office of the Metropolitan Region FrankfurtRheinMain and the Representation of the Representation of the State of Hessen to the EU on 24 May 2016, 170 representatives from regional governments, the European Institutions and project implementers discussed the current state of the implementation und the future development of transport policies in Europe. In a panel discussion, facilitated by Werner Balsens (Deutsche Verkehrs-Zeitung), the following experts and political respresentatives exchanged on the White Paper’s challenges and solutions: Angelo Tedde (Vertretung der Vereinigung der italienischen Handelskammern in Brüssel), Dr. Rolf Diemer (Generaldirektion Mobilität und Verkehr, Europäische Kommission), Birgit Simon (Erste Beigeordnete des Regionalverbands FrankfurtRheinMain und stellvertretende Vorsitzende der Interregionalen Allianz für den Rhein-Alpen Korridor EVTZ),) Ismail Ertug (Mitglied des Europäischen Parlaments).

Dr. Rolf Diemer (Head of Unit, Directorate General for Mobility and Transport, European Commission), Ismail Ertug (Member of the European Parliament), Birgit Simon (Deputy Director of the Regional Authority FrankfurtRheinMain and Vice Chair of the Interregional Alliance for the Rhine-Alpine Corridor EGTC) and Angelo Tedde (Senior Policy Advisor at the Representation of the Union of Italian Chambers of Commerce in Brussels).

For further information, please look at an extensive outcome on the conference (in German only)

  • Dokumentation “Europäische Verkehrspolitik bis 2050 – Aktuelle Herausforderungen und regionale Lösungsansätze” [PDF: 692 KB]

or access conference programme (German/English)

  • Einladung Europäische Verkehrspolitik bis 2050 – Aktuelle Herausforderungen und regionale Lösungsansätze [PDF: 84 KB]