Rhine-Alpine News

 Start of “enerPort” Project – duisport as a model for other inland ports

Photo: © duisport (Hans Blossey)

In a first step, the Port of Duisburg defines the energy issues which are supposed to be optimized. In the next step, the two project partners develop transferable solutions for other inland ports and a master concept for improved energy use / supplies.

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Newspaper “La Stampa”: Increase in freight traffic on the corridor causes conflicts with citizens in Domodossola

Train whistles disturb the sleep of the inhabitants of Domodossola and the mayor starts with the protests. “I ask for an evaluation to be made to see if the night whistle is absolutely necessary for the safety of train transit. The number of trains between Domodossola and Switzerland has risen to more than 130 per day and it is natural to ask for a reduction in, at least, acoustic pollution. Some residents are even considering the idea of ​​moving”, says mayor Lucio Pizzi in a letter sent to the Italian Agency for railway safety.

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Sailing low, loading high: Contargo prepares for the next extreme summer

Symbolic illustration: Contargo

Container hinterland logistics network Contargo has taken the precautionary measure of having four barges in its fleet modified so that they have 10-15 cm more water beneath the keel in very low water conditions. At two boatyards in Antwerp and Dordrecht, metal plates have been welded onto four vessels  in such a way that they now have to sit only 130 cm instead of 150 cm deep in order for their propellers to have enough water. Thanks to this investment of approximately 10,000 euro per vessel, the barges can now sail in the same water levels with 10-15 cm more water beneath the keel, and can thus transport 200-300 tons more cargo in low water.

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