Rhine-Alpine News

“Diamond” crossing now in monitoring process

Photo (Province of Zuid-Holland): Traffic on the “diamond” motorway crossing

This newsletter on 28 May 2019 reported about the opening of an innovative motorway crossing along the RijnlandRoute in Leiden (Netherlands), called the “diamond”. Meanwhile, it is carefully watched for adaptions that may be necessary.

More information on this external link (Dutch language)


Brussels, 10 October 2019: “Green and Smart Mobility: new solutions for the mobility of the future”

What are the newest solutions carmakers and service providers are coming up with to solve technological challenges regarding battery electric and hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles?
How can deployment of shared, clean, smart and on demand mobility solutions for people and freight help cities in dealing with congestion, better use of space, livability, clean air and inclusion? How are policy makers managing the infrastructural and industrial transition involving these new technologies?

The Verband Region Rhein-Neckar will organize a joint event with the provinces of Flemish-Brabant and North Brabant on the topic of “Green & Smart Mobility: New Solutions for the Mobility of the Future”, held at the representation of Baden-Württemberg State in Brussels on 10 October 2019.

Join the event if you want to discuss the above issues.

Please find the invitation with more details here (programme and registration, external link)


Brexit: Antwerp and UK strongly linked to each other

Photo: Port of Antwerp

Each year over 16 million tonnes of cargo are being transported between the Port of Antwerp and the UK. This makes the UK the second maritime trade partner of the Port of Antwerp. Conversely, the largest market for the United Kingdom is still continental Europe. “Brexit creates new opportunities. The modal shift from accompanied to unaccompanied transport in particu­lar, puts Port of Antwerp, as the second-largest port in Europe, at the advantage to become the gateway to and from Europe for the UK and Ireland”, says Wim Dillen, Brexit task force president, Antwerp Port Authority.

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