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Photo (Martin Brandt): Swiss transit got hard one day at Wassen / Switzerland

Increased customer friendliness, lower administrative costs, both to passenger and freight transalpine traffic: Thanks to the new Via app from the Federal Customs Administration (FCA), foreign camper vans and coaches can enter Switzerland more quickly and flexibly.

The heavy vehicle charges are processed in a few digital steps – whatever the time or place. The FCA is pursuing the same goal in goods traffic with the pilot project Activ. Via and Activ are interim results of the DaziT transformation programme.

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German Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer: “Railway will be good and quiet neighbour”


Map: Eisenbahn-Bundesamt

The German federal ministry of transport starts monitoring noise alongside tracks. 19 permanent measuring stations monitor the noise in positions that are passed by most of the German long distance trains, among them more than two thirds of all freight trains. Four of the 19 positions are located along the Rhine-Alpine corridor, and some are now operational. See the updated interactive map and read the news (in German): www.laerm-monitoring.de