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Five years of Success:
EGTC Rhine-Alpine

Photo (EGTC Rhine-Alpine): Anniversary toast

On 19 June, in a virtual meeting the EGTC community with its members and advisors celebrated the fifth anniversary of the EGTC Rhine-Alpine. Chair Christianne van der Wal welcomed around 50 participants and threw a spotlight on the success story of the organisation, grown from 10 to 25 members and jointly  acting according to its slogan “One Corridor – One Strategy”.

With  Paweł Wojciechowski, the EU’S Rhine-Alpine Corridor Coordinator, and Herald Ruijters, Director for Investment, Innovative & Sustainable Transport at DG MOVE, two invited guests addressed key topics for the future development of the TEN-T corridors in general and the Rhine-Alpine as the most mature and developed corridor. Greening and Digitalisation will be the 2 main headlines for the coming funding period. A stronger role for urban nodes and focus on resilience (with multimodality as a key factor) are further issues to be addressed in the future. The new Corridor Work Plan no. 4 to be launched in July  reflects in these topics, including inland water ways promotion. All these issues will be priorities in the new funding Programmes, like CEF, HORIZON EUROPE and INVEST EU.

According to its Action Plan, the EGTC as a frontrunner in transnational cooperation just prepared a new digital and public format for communication and exchange among the entire Rhine-Alpine community. The digital series “Rhine-Alpine Talks” will provide room for Information and exchange in relevant topics  despite of current restrictions caused by Covid19. Scheduled for a monthly Implementation, the first edition will take place on

3rd July 2020: “Corona and the Corridor”.

Become part of the corridor community and register via email to info@egtc-rhine-alpine.eu for the upcoming “Rhine-Alpine Talks”!

Other news:

„A Tesla among ships“

„Nijmegen Max“, a full-size inland waterway containership, has started operation among inland ports of the Netherlands, operating with electric energy. The ship, dubbed “the Tesla among the container ships” by a Dutch newspaper, utilizes an innovative method of energy provision: Batteries are stored in standard containers that can be exchanged easily, more or less like the payload containers. Read the article here (external link, Dutch language).

RheinCargo expands operations to Ludwigshafen

Logistics service provider RheinCargo took over shunting and loading activities for SHELL in Ludwigshafen and Flörsheim. RheinCargo is a trimodal logistics operator, founded by the ports of Cologne, Düsseldorf and Neuss. With 90 locomotives and mor than 700 wagons, it is among the larger rail freight operators in Germany. It has a strong position along the Rhine-Alpine corridor, serving customers well beyond its original port locations, both with long distance services and local operations. Read the whole news here (external link, German language).

Photo (© RheinCargo): Industrial shunter