Rhine-Alpine News

Agreement for more through trains between Germany and Switzerland

While more ICE will run into Switzerland, SBB’s Giruno trains will run into Germany (© SBB CFF FFS)

German rail operator Deutsche Bahn and its Swiss counterpart SBB have signed an agreement to boost long distance passenger traffic between the two nations. The total number of trains will increase from 26 to 35 by the year 2026. This will include new direct trains between Hamburg and Lugano. Read more details here in German language, French language and Italian language (external links).

EU legislation prompts need to ease rail bottlenecks in North Rhine-Westphalia

The German state of North Rhine-Westphalia has in the past guaranteed slots for regional trains for several years into the future. This practice has allowed for reliable schedules and even headways along commuter lines, but it created bottlenecks for long distance trains. European law now demands restrictions on this practice, in effect prioritizing the longer train runs.

North Rhine-Westphalia now takes an active role in seeking solutions for conflicts between rail traffic slots. The state has heavy local and regional traffic as well as intense long distance traffic, not least along the Rhine-Alpine corridor. It now seeks to increase rail capacity at bottlenecks. Read about the details here (external link, German language).

Rotterdam: Throughput in first three quarters falls 8.8% short of last year’s total

© Port of Rotterdam

The port of Rotterdam handled 103.4 million tonnes of freight in the third quarter of 2020. Total throughput over the first nine months of the year stands at 322.3 million tonnes. This is 8.8% lower than the volume recorded in the equivalent period last year. The main throughput categories to record a decline in volumes were crude oil, iron ore, coal and mineral oil products. In contrast, the port could report an increase in agribulk volumes, with only a very modest decline in container throughput. Read more details here (external link).

Rhine-Alpine Talks on “Smart Mobility in Passenger Transport“

The “Rhine-Alpine Talks” #4 are ready to start on 6 November 2020, from 11:00 – 12:30 h and will deal with the topic: “Smart Mobility in Passenger Transport“. Our invited speakers represent policy makers as well as smart mobility experts from practice. Find more info here, become part of the corridor community and register here for this meeting.