Rhine-Alpine News

Genoa: Investing in Cruise Infrastructure

MSC Grandiosa operated from Genoa in 2020 (Photo: MSC)

Genoa is in second place in the ranking of Mediterranean ports for cruise traffic. Cruises in Ligurian ports continued until December 3rd, with reduced numbers, both in the port of Genoa with MSC Grandiosa and in Savona with Costa Smeralda, thanks to the shared effort of the various authorities and cruise companies. Plans are to resume cruises in January. Positive signals for the sector also come from the increase in investments by ports for interventions mainly related to infrastructures, terminals, dredging and quantified in over 510 million euros for the three-year period 2021-2023, with growth compared to the previous three years.

In Italy, there was a reduction of 93.5% in the number of passengers and a 91%reduction in the number of ships’ stops.

Antwerp: “Single Window” for Inland Navigation is Live From 04/01/2021

Port of Antwerp informs its inland navigation customers: “Since its development, various software suppliers and inland shipping operators have extensively tested this new platform, and we are preparing for an official start-up on 4 January 2021. If you are an inland shipping operator and you already report digitally, the transition to the Single Window for Inland Navigation requires very little effort. The only thing you need to do is enter your details correctly and always enter at least two waypoints. This ensures that all the ports and authorities on your route are immediately informed of your arrival, and they can coordinate their internal operations accordingly.” Find the technical details here (external link).

European Night Train System Envisaged

SNCF will join forces for night train network (Photo: ÖBB)

These days, European railways have improved their plans for future night trains. SNCF joins network plans of DB, SBB and ÖBB. As a result, besides the connection from Amsterdam to Zürich, envisaged for December 2021, another train system will operate from 2023 in the Rhine-Alpine corridor: One train will start in Brussels, with cars to Berlin and Vienna. Another train with the same destinations will start in Paris. Both trains will swap cars en route.

Read the press statements of Deutsche Bahn (external link, German language) and of SNCF (external link, French language).