Rhine-Alpine News

Rising sea levels: Rotterdam takes action

Maeslant barrier, port of Rotterdam

The Port of Rotterdam Authority and the Municipality of Rotterdam have reached agreements on how to sustain flood risk management in the port and industrial area in light of the rise in sea level during the course of this century. These agreements stem partly from the Port Authority and the municipality’s involvement in the Rijnmond-Drechtsteden Delta Programme.

The port areas are currently safe from high water levels. They were constructed three to six metres above sea level and are partially protected by storm surge barriers. Read the news here (external link).

Duisport Joins CargoBeamer to Shift More Non-Craneable Trailers to Rail

Moving a non-craneable trailer (Photo: Duisport / DWS)

Duisburger Hafen AG (duisport) has acquired a stake in the rail technology company CargoBeamer AG which is based in Leipzig, Germany. Both companies are jointly committed to shift road freight traffic towards rail thanks to innovative logistics concepts. The fully automatic system of CargoBeamer is primarily used for transporting all kinds of craneable and non-craneable semi-trailers by rail. It consists of special railway cars and handling terminals. During loading and unloading the semi-trailers are driven and parked in specific pallets, which are then shifted horizontally and fully automatically into the waiting train.

While containers are craneable and thus can easily be loaded on rail, this is not the case for the huge majority of semi-trailers: Europe-wide, far less than 10% of them are craneable. All others are usually excluded from using unaccompanied combined transport. This is the huge potential that CargoBeamer is aiming at. Read the whole news here (external link).

„Multimodality“ Workshop by EGTC Rhine-Alpine

The EGTC organises a workshop within the project “Grün und Multimodal im Rhein-Alpen-Korridor”, funded by the Land of Baden-Württemberg. In this workshop, we want to discuss with manufacturing industry (SMEs) and the regional logistics industry the potential and concrete practical implementation in order to show perspectives and at the same time to learn from the economy how this support can be made even more efficient with public funds. The workshop takes place on 10 March 2021, 10:00-12:00 in German language. Registration and agenda are available here.

Friday 5 March: Next Rhine-Alpine Talks

“Rhine-Alpine Talks” #7 will take place on 5 March 2021, 11:00 – 12:30 with the topic Overcoming Obstacles to Cross-Border Long-Distance Passenger Rail in 2021 – Time to Act in the Year of the Rail”. After a reduction of Euro-City trains and the almost complete disappearance of night trains some years ago, international trains have become more numerous again though at a lower level than before.

What does this mean for the Rhine-Alpine Corridor? More high-speed rail, or a mix of high speed and conventional rail? How to accelerate the implementation of an integrated timetable? What other measures can make transport more rail-friendly and more user-friendly? This includes railway stations as important interfaces.

Please find agenda and registration here!