Three New Members Joined!

In May 2015, the Assembly approved three new members to the Rhine-Alpine Corridor EGTC: Port of Rotterdam Authority, Regione Piemonte and Uniontrasporti! The new members have a great motivation to join the EGTC as they expressed.

Jacco van der Tak from the Port of Rotterdam says: “The Port of Rotterdam Authority is very happy to continue the cooperation with current and new partners in the EGTC Rhine-Alpine. Local and regional cooperation is very important and necessary in order to keep – and improve one of the busiest corridors in Europe functioning. It’s not just the ship arriving in a seaport, but even more important are effective and sustainable hinterland connections and dialogue with European citizens. Transporting goods and adding to European value doesn’t stop at country borders and therefore cooperation is a key success factor.”

Duccio Chiapelli from Regione Piemonte stated: “Regione Piemonte joins the EGTC believing that a common bottom-up strategic initiative increases the opportunities for the involved partners to improve the transport services. Regione Piemonte joins the EGTC because it is a key means of improving the European integration starting from the needs of local communities. Regione Piemonte joins the EGTC because it is a way of exchange experiences, knowledge, best practices and using them to create and finance common projects.”

Antonello Fontanili from Uniontrasporti puts: “The participation at the Interregional Alliance for the Rhine-Alpine Corridor EGTC is very important for the entire system of the Chambers of commerce affected by the passage of this European corridor. The presence of Uniontrasporti is a conduit for the Chambers of commerce to understand, discuss, encourage and lobbying in Europe in the field of infrastructure, transport and logistics. Join the EGTC it is central for the interests of economic and business areas crossed by the corridor Rhine-Alpine, provide to the EGTC skills and know-how on different themes (corridors, freight, logistics, etc.), provide the Italian contribution to the completion of the north-south, through a common strategy, initiated through the Corridor.”

The founding members warmly welcome the new members and look forward to a successful cooperation!